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Охохохохохохо... Дааааа, ребята. Есть кино и есть Киноооооо.
То есть как-то вот так "А!" и все. И после этого как-то уже бессмысленно говорить, что-то обсуждать, как-то пытаться это измерить по каким-то шкалам. То есть отметает все. Разом. Второй фильм за неделю с таким плотным, атмосферным пост-ощущением. Первый - "Выживут только любовники", второй - "Сквозь снег". Совершенно другая атмосфера, похоже только вот этим вот качеством. После - ты совершенно другая личность.
О сюжете говорить бессмысленно, потому что никакое описание не передаст ощущения. И даже если ты знаешь сюжет, ты все равно совершенно неподготовлен. Крис Эванс... я снимаю шляпу и аплодирую стоя. Честно и без дураков, парень - мой герой. Респект и уважуха на многие годы вперед. Стив и Кертис back to back... респект и уважуха. Монолог перед дверью - вау! Откуда в тебе с таким лицом и таким анамнезом такие глубины?! Я хуею. Прямо даже вот че их так несет. То есть там всякие Ди Каприо, Бейлы, Томы Крузы рвут жопу на британский флаг, выжимаются на каких-то заумных проектах в сухофрукт и в итоге выходит пшик. А потом приходят какие-то Фассбендеры, Реннеры, Эвансы, такие вот от западной сохи пареньки, у которых за плечами трактор да сеновал и добрая такая подружка Лиззи из рекламы пончиков, никаких там тебе выжиманий, никаких заумных проектов. Комиксоид, почти артхаусная военная драма и корейская антиутопия. И просто нахуй покрывают всех. Потом мило улыбаются и краснея уходят. А ты стоишь и только так луп-луп глазками, "че это ваще было? и куда ты, блять, уйти надумало после этого?! А ну стоять! И либо ты продолжаешь, либо мы тебя заставим!"
И всем остальным тоже респект и уважуха. Тильда Суинтон, Джейми Белл, Октавия Спенсер, Джон Херт, Эд Харрис, Сонг Канчо, Йо Асунг, Юэн Бремнер. За работу, за участие в этом фильме. За все.

В общем не слушайте никого. Ни тех, кто хвалит, ни тех, кто ругает. Просто посмотрите фильм.

Sherlock. Season 3

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I mean... YOU'RE KIDDING ME?!?!?!



But the whole Mrs.Watson thing was kinda cool.


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The one and only Betty White turns 92 today! A uniquely fabulous woman! Best of everything to you, dear Betty! Thank you for being a friend.(c)

I have a two-story house and a bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs all the time. That’s my exercise!(c, Betty White)


Betty White's Quotes

To him she is always The Woman.(c)

Maggie My Aunt
The most fabulous and talented of them all Dame Maggie Smith celebrates her 79th birthday today! Maggie, dahlin, you can't imagine how much we all love and treasure you! All the very best to you on your birthday and the whole year round!


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Saint Judi

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The inexplicably regal yet sweet and lovely Dame Judi Dench turns 79 today! Judi, we love you with all our hearts and wish you the best of everything you desire! Long Live The Dame!




The Judy not many of us know.

1 man, 2 guvnors

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The Count

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Ok, this is a 4 days late post, but still. On November 2nd 1913 in New York City a boy was born, his name was Burton Stephen Lancaster. Burt Lancaster. He lived for 80 years and died of a heart attack in 1994, just two weeks before his 81st birthday. And 4 days ago it was his 100th anniversary. And I missed it. Shame on me.
He was The Guy of Golden Age. For me he was. Everybody says - Clark Gable, or Gary Cooper, or Robert Mitchum, what do they know? There was Burt. First time I saw him was in Lucino Visconti's "Il gattopardo". I was a child and I didn't understand much of the commodity of the characters. And mainly when everybody was drooling over young Alain Delon or Claudia Cardinale, I had my eyes only for the old Count. Yes, Burt was already old when this movie was shot, but he was still a marvel of a man. When later I discovered who he was and watched his early works as well as the later ones, I was actually quite impressed by him. He was a circus acrobat turned actor, so for his whole life he maid a point of maintaining his phisical form. Everybody says that Marlon Brando was a greek god. Well, screw Marlon Brando, Burt was a greek god! He was strong, stout man with deep strong character, and inner force. He looked like a rock and he was a rock. A man with rock solid principals and character. And so were his characters, no matter good or bad they turned out to be. Another one of my early memories of seeing Burt Lancaster on film was watching "The Cassandra Crossing". It was a pulp fiction of a movie about a terrorist attack on The Red Cross Headquaters in Geneva, during which a virus of a lung plague was freed and now the passangers of the international train were under it's influence. There were many good actors in this film, Burt played an american general McKenzie, who's duty it was to seal the train and the virus and all the people who contacted it. He wasn't a good guy in this one, but he was solid and whether you agreed with him or not, you understood him. Why he was doing what he was doing. And that was the case with every character Burt played. He really was the "if only" guy. You know, when you look at a person and and you think "if only I have to choose one and he/she will be mine forever, this is the one". Here's to you, Burt, wherether you are!

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I'll think about it later.(c)

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I know I missed Burt's hundredth, there was no excuse and I'll make a post in the nearest future.
But today is another hundredth. Vivien Leigh's 100th.
She truly was unique. She had both goddesslike beauty and goddesslike talent. She was and still is one of the kind, no matter how you paint her. Yes, she was manic depressive, she suffered from tuberculosis, but she was the most beautiful troubled soul ever. I remember, I was like ten, and I was watching "Gone with the wind" for the first time. It is a pulp fiction, the mother of pulp fiction, to tell you the truth. But it was a work of art. The colors, the design, the actors, the acting. It didn't matter that Scarlett O'Hara was actually quite a selfish bitch, she was the most beautiful woman in the world and so she could get away with anything. You just can't not fall love with Vivien Leigh in "Gone with the wind". And that was her beauty. Her talent was that apart from Scarlett she was Blanche Dubois, Karen Stone and many-many others. I personally prefer her later films "A streetcar named "Desire", "Ship of fools", "The Roman spring of Mrs.Stone" where she was just acting, because she was a true genius at it. She didn't have to look, she just had to act. And even when she was young and had to look, she still acted superbly. "Waterloo Bridge", "That Hamilton woman", "Caesar and Cleopatra", "Anna Karenina". She was the one who could do it all. And she did. So today, on you 100th anniversary, we all celebrate and cheer and remember and send our love to you, Viven, wherether you are.

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Guess who's been a naughty boy!

Nathan wizard of ass

Well, this day is pretty much ruined after this!))))

Core blimey!(c)

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Twice the infinity.

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The fabulous Angela Lansbury celebrates her 88th Birthday today!
Three cheers, loud applause and all the very best wishes to the wonderful dame of stage, TV and screen!



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